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    Front Page Ramblings

    December 25, 2010 by Silwen Branford

    Here are my ramblings about a possible improvement to the front page.

    The menu layout and title screen on the main part of the page are awesome and I'm totally not talking about those, it's the right hand of the page that I feel could do with some reorganization. The giant "latest activity " column looks cluttered and the "Wiki Activity" button is just above it - which shows the same stuff; instead of showing every single edit in huge blocks on the side, let that button take care of it! =P I think that maybe that space could be better utilized with a layout change to display other information. The Castle Age Wiki does a nice job in that regard. Here, things obviously might be switched around a bit, but having LT news updates I think are pre…

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  • Silwen Branford

    Hi, I'm Silwen the newbie here. =) I'm very happy to have found this wiki, as I was set to make one of my own - there was no Lost Trails one I could find just a couple of weeks ago! As such, I have been collecting a lot of info, including spreadsheets on items and monsters as well as documents with a bunch of dungeon/town info up to Dragon Temple; these are on Google docs so I will share if anyone wants. =)

    I made some town and dungeon templates for basic info regarding each which can be found here and here respectively. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, as it were; we don't have to keep them or anything, I just thought I'd try it out and see what everyone thinks. =) Here are some pages I made using the templates so you can see them,…

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